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Piggyback Same-day Delivery

What is Dropmi?

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Dropmi lets you send and pick-up packages with your friends and customers, at the price you think is right!

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Here is how it works

You post your package, saying how much you'd like to pay to get it delivered or picked-up

Dropmi then notifies all commuters already traveling towards your package destination

Commuters give back offers, specifying the exact time and price they'll be able to deliver your package at

You choose the best offer based on price, time, and commuter ratings and reviews

Download Dropmi and start delivering today!

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How is Dropmi able to secure such incredibly low same-day delivery rates?
Dropmi doesn’t hire people to drive specifically to deliver your packages, as most other delivery services would do. What Dropmi does is utilize the fact that there are always commuters who are already going towards your package destinations, and who wouldn’t mind making extra cash in exchange for getting your package delivered. Furthermore, since Dropmi allows commuters to deliver without leaving their cars, many of these commuters find it super convenient and in turn will accept lower rates than they would usually do had they had to find parking spots and come and wait at your and the recipient’s premises.
How does the pricing work again?
When you first post a package, Dropmi will suggest a price that it knows will be acceptable by most nearby commuters. You are however completely free to change this price to suit your specific package budget. When commuters finally see the posted package, they could accept your price as it is, or suggest a different price that better suits their compensation preferences.
Can I request packages to be picked-up & delivered to me?
Absolutely! Dropmi enables you to have people go pick-up packages on your behalf and deliver them to you!
Commuters will actually deliver? Really?

Yes! In order to be able to make it realistic for commuters to deliver on their way to work or while running errands, we’ve developed what we call the ‘Dropmi Promise‘. What’s the Dropmi Promise?

  1. Commuters will not get out of their cars. Shippers will come out hand them the packages when they arrive, and recipients will do the same at the delivery destination.
  2. Commuters will not go out of their way. Dropmi will only suggest packages along their regular daily commute route.
  3. Commuters get to decide exactly what to deliver. Commuters are completely free to accept or reject what packages to deliver at their own convenience. Dropmi never forces anyone to accept a package they don’t want to.
I am a commuter. Is it safe for me to deliver on Dropmi?
Before accepting a package, you will be provided with the sender’s ratings, reviews and number of previous shipments. Furthermore, you have the right to inspect any package and reject it in case you have concerns regarding its contents. Finally, all users on Dropmi’s network explicitly agree to not send anything that’s illegal or fictitious before posting their first package, and we actively terminate any user accounts that violate our terms of service.

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